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In Part I, we talked about how to pick YOUR right bakery!  We continue in this Part II to talk about when to book your wedding cake, when is too late, when to start… all the deets!

When to Book Your Wedding Cake!

There are certain pieces of information that are necessary to have BEFORE reaching out to your potential bakeries. Before reaching out to your 3-5 bakeries, make sure you have:

   A Wedding Date.  This means you have already BOOKED your venue and have a secured date.  Part of your inquiry to each bakery, should include asking them if they are available on your wedding date.  If you don’t have your wedding date secured – you are just spinning your wheels.

–    A Wedding Venue.  Again, this means that you have a signed contract with a venue.  Some bakeries have their wedding cakes included with local venues/resorts – so ensure that you know WHERE you are getting married before you call or inquire.

    Wedding Colors/Design Concept.  This DOES NOT mean that you need to have your exact wedding cake chosen.  This ALSO, DOES NOT mean that you need to be Martha Stewart and have a power point presentation put together for the entire wedding.  But… Have a good idea what your wedding colors are, an idea of what you like and (most importantly) DO NOT like… It is always helpful to put together some images of what you like or have a Pinterest board started of what you are drawn to as inspiration.  This allows your wedding vendor team to see your vision.

Thanks for reading this week’s Wedding Blog – stay tuned to Part III – All about What questions to ask!!  Part III will be live on Sept 24th!  See you then! 

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