Book Series

Meet The Author, Bess Charles

Bess “LadyCakes” Charles is the Owner of nationally, regionally and locally acclaimed LadyCakes Bakery.  Her unique designs and award-winning cakes have received many awards ranging from Best of Cape Coral for 5 years in a row, Top 10 Bakeries in the State of Florida, nicknamed the “Queen of Cakes” by Community Lifestyles Magazine, along with being recognized as 40 Under 40 by Naples Herald, Women to Watch in 2019 by Gulfshore Life Magazine. Bess is committed to making a difference in the community and “help to influence the next generation of strong women.”  The Adventures of LadyCakes: Kindness is Sweet, is the first of the series that will be released to the community.  “This short children’s story is sweet and will make you want to bake and create memories with your children or grandchildren,” Says LadyCakes.  Her humble beginnings in Upstate NY were a strong starting point in this story.  Life lessons and encouragement will be a resounding theme throughout the series.

Rosie, the main character discovers her favorite after school bakery is closed. After returning a second time, Rosie thinks of a way to create and share kindness with the owner of the bakery to make her feel better. After coming up with a great idea, she begins to create. Through failures, she overcomes and succeeds in sharing her creation with the bakery owner. The Adventures of LadyCakes is sure to teach and motivate young readers on how to think of situations and obstacles differently and find solutions to their everyday problems. This sweet series will be a staple at home or in the classroom.