Hi Again!!!  We are back to help you with all the things you should ask your potential baker!  We talked about in Part I and Part II How to choose your baker and when to book – in the next couple weeks we will be talking about all things wedding cake, so please stay tuned!


What to Ask your potential Baker!

Here are some helpful questions to ask to discover which bakery is right for you!

          What options can you offer for this size wedding?

          Do you Deliver?

          Do you offer Gluten Free Options?

          Do you work with my wedding vendors often?

          Are you familiar with my wedding venue?

          Do you offer both buttercream and fondant designs?

          Considering the time of year that we are getting married, what would you recommend?

 There are many more things to ask after you secure your wedding date and begin to talk about design, but these questions will help you find the best fit for you!   Ask all 3-5 bakeries these same questions and compare their answers to find the best bakery for you!

Thanks for checking in with us – and as always please contact us with any questions that you might have!  Next week we will be talking about helpful tips and tricks for pricing and tasting!  See you then! 

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