Custom Ordering Q & A’s

Here are some common questions about
ordering a custom cake from LadyCakes Bakery.

Custom Ordering Q & A's

How do I order from LadyCakes?

The best way to order a custom cake from LadyCakes Bakery is to visit us in person.

Bring us your inspiration (ie: invitations, ideas, a Pinterest board for your event, etc…) and one of our Cake Artists will be happy to design the perfect cake for you.

If you want to sit with LadyCakes herself, please give us a call to make an appointment.

We want to make sure we give you our full undivided attention that you deserve.

How do I try your cake before I order, Maybe I don't like your cake.. How do I know?

LadyCakes Bakery offers a variety of different cupcake flavors daily.

Please stop in at any time and pick up a few to share and taste us before you order!

We haven’t met a customer yet that wasn’t happy with our taste.. but we want you to feel 100% comfortable before you purchase!

What do I need to do to book my cake?

All custom orders are secured with a non-refundable retainer.

This secures your order on the date you need it for.  Any order that you have TALKED to us about but have NOT paid a retainer on, IS NOT SECURED.

We do book quickly, so please place a retainer if you would like to have a custom cake made.

How quickly do you book?

LadyCakes books at least 2-3 weeks in advance.  Please call us for date availability.

As we would love to take every single order that we are asked to do, we simply can’t.

We take between 30-40 custom cake orders a week and about 15-25 dozen of cupcake orders, when those are filled, we stop taking orders.

What are your most popular flavors?

Our Most popular flavor is our signature flavor —- SALTED CARAMEL PRETZEL.  It’s AAAHHHMAZING!

Stop in to try it, we offer cupcakes of this flavor everyday.

We also have a full list of our flavors on our menu page.

How big of a cake do I need?

Every bakery has their own sizing they offer and suggest.

Please stop in and we can make sure your cake is exactly enough for your party.

We create custom cakes for parties of 1 to 1000 (or more) whatever it is, i’m sure we can help!

Do you do sheet cakes?

LadyCakes chooses not to offer sheet cakes.

We create round, square, or different UNIQUE cakes for your event.

If you are looking for sheet cakes, we can direct you to the local bakeries that create those.

Can you print an image onto a cake?

LadyCakes does not have the capabilities for creating edible images or printing a family portrait etc onto cake.

If you would like to order one of these and have us place it on one of our cakes, we would be happy to do this.

There is an additional placement fee of $10 for this service.

Do you offer fillings?

LadyCakes does not offer traditional cake fillings, we offer flavored buttercream.

Our buttercream is homemade and less sweet than that of store bought or grocery store buttercream.

Please see our complete list of buttercream flavors on our menu page or stop in to try some of our daily selection of cupcakes.

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