LadyCakes says they’re using cupcakes to sweeten tough times in Southwest Florida.

For a discounted rate, people can donate a box to have them delivered to their hometown hero of choice.

The owner says it’s a way to give back with the help of the community’s support.

“I was trying to come up with a way that we could still help the community, but in turn ask the community to help us. What we’ve done is with every order placed at LadyCakes, we’re asking for donations to help us donate cupcakes to first responders,” said Bess Charles, owner of LadyCakes Bakery.

Charles says this also helps her own small business, which has seen more than 200 custom orders canceled due to the coronavirus.

The bakery has been finding creative ways to keep business, like a new cake designed as toilet paper that’s light-hearted and fun.

“All small businesses, ours included, have had to find new ways in order to get new customers and our existing customers to realize we need you, we need orders, and we need you to come support us now more than ever,” said Charles.

LadyCakes Bakery is now offering delivery on all their orders of $20 or more.

They say deliveries in Cape Coral are free.

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